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Why You Shouldn’t Wait!

People who already have a home usually need the funds from the closing to secure their next purchase. If a “move-up” buyer wants to buy a home during a depressed market, that means they usually have one to sell themselves. Timing becomes very important and negotiations become more involved so neither party is forced into short-term housing or find themselves in rent-back situation because closing dates couldn’t match up. It’s important to work closely with your Realtor, your lender and be made aware with frequent updates from the other side of the table that things are headed in the right direction, and for a smooth … [Read More...]

Should You Try to “Time the Market”?

You might ask yourself – when is it appropriate to try and “time the market?” The short answer is never. One problem with attempting to time your purchase just right in tandem with economic patterns is that no one can really predict with any degree of accuracy – the future. Many reports get published, predictions are made and some of them can be very close to spot on but the reality is that no one can tell for certain what will happen or when. Another challenge is that interest rates are most often higher during a recession (or depressed) market and household incomes might not be keeping up with the market. For that … [Read More...]

Economic Trends that Relate to Purchasing a Home

There are times when the economy is booming and everyone feels confident about their prospects for the future. As a result, people often times spend more money. People tend to go out to dinner more often, tip heavier, invest in wardrobe updates, maybe buy a new car and… more often than not, buy a new home. If the interest rates are friendly, this is especially true. Then, for many reasons, there are periods of time when companies lay off employees and consumers become much more frugal about when and when they spend their money. They begin saving more money than spending it. When this happens, the economy further … [Read More...]

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We have completed three home purchases with Cindy in the past year and she exceeds our expectations every time. She goes above and beyond and is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of the real estate industry and process. Cindy is the hardest working real estate professional we know!
Michael and Candace Zinnamon
Over the last 25 years Cindy DeSanti White has been there for me for every house, condo or apartment I wanted to buy, sell or rent. Her extensive knowledge of the Real Estate market and her ability to network with crucial partners to make a contract happen is priceless. Cindy's ...
Mary Emert

I have done 6 deals with Cindy over the last 8 years and never have I had one problem. She is on top of everything. I say let's do this deal and bang it's done. I would never buy or sell
With out her.

David M Barnard